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Keeping Our Family Dressed In American-Made Pride

Feb 13, 2013 by Anonymous
Product Name: Sterlingwear Peacoats 

Back in March of 2009 you folks at Sterlingwear fitted 5 members of the McGuire family for pea coats as part of a radio contest. Our son Daniel had been killed in Iraq 7 months earlier. The coats have been an honor to wear these past years and have kept us well protected from the New England weather.

Our thanks to all of you at Sterlingwear for keeping us company through the years as we live on to honor our fallen Marine... it has been wonderful seeing that such quality garments can survive and make my monsters look like classic gentlemen!!

Happiness is a well fitted peacoat

Sep 19, 2012 by Anonymous

I'm extremely happy with my new peacoat. It fits like a glove and looks great. I've been looking all over for a peacoat that's reasonably priced and made in America. And Sterlingwear was made to order.

My new coat!

Sep 17, 2012 by Anonymous
Product Name: Made in USA custom-made peacoat 

Hello folks,

I wanted to tell you that I picked up my brand new 100% union made in USA, beautiful custom made pea coat yesterday and I am over the moon about it! I love it sooooo much, it fits perfectly and looks fabulous!

Buying it at your retail store was a wonderful experience. All three of your workers who assisted me were wonderful, especially NoraLee. They bent over backwards to make sure I got exactly what I wanted, and I did. NoraLee was terrific, personable, knowledgeable and warm. I felt like I went back to an earlier time when this level of service was the norm. I really could not have been happier!

I am so pleased to be able to buy 'made in the USA'. I first learned of your existance while watching the St Patrick's Day parade. I've been telling folks about you since then.

I am an active union member, former Vice President of the NH AFL CIO. I would like to share my experience with other union members, who will jump at the chance to buy a union made American coat. Would you tell me please which local union represents your workers in the factory? I will post on facebook and in local union publications, with a strong endorsement from me.

Thanks for your help in this matter. I cant say it too many times, I love my union made American coat. One small suggestion, I would have loved to see a giant label inside the garment that said "proudly made in the USA" and/or a label from the union as well. Maybe in my next coat, please?

Best regards from a very satisfied customer, Linda B Horan

Loving My New Sterlingwear Coat

Jan 19, 2012 by Anonymous

I purchased a new sterlingwear coat at the Braintree store in december-I have always tried to purchase Quality clothes that last-(I do not buy junk to wear for just today) I must say the more I wear this coat tha more I like it. I also try to buy American Made whenever possible-and the price is usually not the deal breaker,my coat at your store cost the same if not less than some designer names and Quality is far better.

Fantastic products at amazing prices

Dec 09, 2011 by Anonymous

After reading several positive reviews on the site, I decided to check out Sterlingwear of Boston and their selection of Peacoats. After realizing they were located in East Boston, about block from where I grew up - I decided to call and ask if they took orders in person and if I could come over and look at some of the styles. They were extremely helpful on phone and were happy to get a visit from a customer, since most of their work is via internet, mail order and by contract with the US military. To make a long story short, I went to the factory and met with Jack Foster the Director of Sales. He was one of the most helpful people I have met in years, and showed me around their facility, showed me some of their authentic Peacoats, some of their fashion designs, and some of the other things they make. I settled on a Navigator, which is basically the authentic US Navy Peacoat - with full satin lining. Got measured and special ordered it in Navy. I received my jacket today (less than 4 weeks after my order), and I am totally blow away with the quality of the material, workmanship, and style. Honestly, if you are looking for a Peacoat - I suggest you give Sterlingwear of Boston a try. A really great bunch of people, making fantastic products, at amazing prices.


Nov 22, 2011 by Anonymous

Sterlingwear is awesome. Between my wife and I, we have purchased 3 peacoats and every one of them has been excellent. Plus the customer service was beyond exceptional.

Nice product

Nov 02, 2011 by Anonymous

I bought a Navy peacoat from these guys. I was very happy. I bought my wife a hounds tooth cape. All of their stuff is made in Massachusetts and they are very nice

Keep Americans Working

Oct 15, 2011 by Anonymous

I have three of their coats, A classic pea coat in red, the Maria in pink and the breast cancer jacket. I love them all. These coats are so well made, and if you want to keep Americans working, they are made in Massachusetts. I'm on my sixth year with the pea coat and it still looks great.

Sterlingwear of Boston Blog , USA 5.0 5.0 8 8 Back in March of 2009 you folks at Sterlingwear fitted 5 members of the McGuire family for pea coats as part of a radio contest. Our son Daniel had been killed in Iraq 7 months ear