Patterns & Designs

Sterlingwear of Boston, Inc. plans and controls designs and development of the product as needed. Design and/or development
planning is managed by the Design Manager.

The design and development plan includes:
a) stages of design and development processes, which includes planning, design, detailed design,
b) review, verification and validation activities appropriate to each design and development stage;
c) responsibilities and authorities for design and development activities.


Interfaces between different functions and organizations involved in design and/or development are managed by a Project Leader to ensure effective communication and clarity of responsibilities. Planning output is updated, as appropriate, as the design and development evolves. Inputs relating to product requirements are defined and documented. These inputs include functional and performance requirements, applicable regulatory and legal requirements, applicable information derived from previous similar designs, and any other requirements essential for design and development.

The outputs of the design and development process are documented by Engineering to enable verification against the design and development inputs. Design and development output assures that we meet the design and /or development input requirements, provide appropriate information for production and service operations, contain or reference documents product acceptance criteria, and define the characteristics of the product that are essential for its safe and proper use. The management team conducts systematic reviews of design and development at appropriate stages. The ability to fulfill requirements is evaluated and problems are identified along with proposals for necessary actions. Design and development verification is performed for each product to ensure the output meets the design and development inputs. The results of this verification and subsequent follow-up actions are recorded.

Sterlingwear of Boston, Inc. has the capability to create patterns from conception to finished product. There is a charge for creating the design/pattern. Preferably, patterns/designs will be submitted electronically, graded, and hopefully with a product sample if available.