Government Work

In 1968 the U.S. Government approached Sterlingwear of Boston and asked if they would be interested in helping meet a critical demand for American made peacoats for the U.S. Navy. Sterlingwear was more than happy to accommodate the request and started working with the government to produce the iconic and official specification peacoat. Sterlingwear of Boston built its reputation on meeting demanding and high volume production deadlines while offering superb craftsmanship. That relationship continues today as Sterlingwear of Boston continues to be the sole supplier of the government-issued peacoat to this day, some 44 years later.

During this time, Sterlingwear of Boston reached out to the other branches of the armed forces to create an assortment of outerwear and dress uniforms as well as contracting items for the military academies. Items manufactured over the years include not only the U.S. Naval peacoat but also:

  • U.S. Army outerwear, skirts, outer layer 7 of the GEN III extreme cold weather outfit, berets, fitness and dress uniforms, ACU top and trousers
  • Marine Corps dress uniforms, all-weather coats, skirts
  • Coast Guard uniforms, peacoats, and bridgecoats
  • Bridgecoats for the U.S. Naval Academy
  • U.S. Air Force dress and outerwear jackets and fitness uniforms
  • U.S. Naval shipboard jackets
  • U.S.A.F.A. sweatsuits and parkas

Sterlingwear of Boston is a recognized and authorized prime manufacturer for the United States Government and continues to explore new items and producing products that are vital to the four branches of the armed forces. Sterlingwear collaborates with other national prime manufacturers to assist them in reaching their production deadlines and quality standard requirements.